Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What is the most important issue in genetics today?

The most important issue in genetics today are some people are born with a type of disease. Whether its retardedness or something, more people are born that way. Also, there are strating to be some cloning in the world. Worldwide, technology is advancing. That leaves some room for smart people to create clones of people and themselves. So thats the one part of major issue in the world today. The cloning of people worldwide and the other one is people born with a disease occuring to them.

Cloning is not good, because they can only live for a certain amount of time. Also, they can be killed in an accident and it will lead to an accident if one person is missed up and he other is still alive. Also it would be very messed up if they found out one person is alive, and the other is dead. Also, that would cause confusion because one is dead and one is alive and what if that person was known? It would cause confusion. That is one of the major issue in today's world of genetics.

The last part of problems is people born with a type of disease. Like they were born speechless or they were born blind or a brain defect. Anything can happen when a new baby has been born. Usually, those things happen when the carrier of the baby has done something wrong when she was pregnant. Whether she smoked, drank alcohol, anything that affects a new born it all has an effect. So I think thats the issue of todays genetics.

So thats about it. Thats all the issue there is in he world so far. The birth defects and the cloning. The birth defects occur when a new born mother has been doing has an effect on the baby. Whether is alcohol, smoking, or doing any drugs, it all has an effect in a baby. Also, the cloning has a part too. If there is too much clonig, the whole world will be the same. So those are the major issues in the world so far.

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