Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Summarization on Mendel and Genetics book

For Gregor Mendel and the book, I learned that Gregor Mendel was a very famous person. He was the one that started the whole plant research and genetics. Without him, our world wouldn't have the knowledge about genetics and the whole DNA thing. Without him, we wouldn't have known what the DNA coil bands are and how we can determine what tye of gene a person will have before he was born. We also wouldn't have known what kind of plants can be done to cure sickness and what plants give out oxygen for us to breathe. So I think without Gregor Mendel, our world would be in such a tragedy that I can't even explain it. So I learned a lot from Gregor Mendel and I'm glad he was in our world to teach us something he was intelligent at.

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