Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Animals that will take the Earth next...

I think that the animals that will take the Earth next are wolves. By wolves I mean wild wolves up in the snowy mountain peaks like the Alps and stuff. I think they will take over Earth next because many of them are being born lately. Like more and more of them are being borned and like the mountains full of them. And the more that get borned sooner or later, they soon will take over the Earth. They are also strong enough to hunt in packs and they can take down any animals up in the peaks or wherever they roam. So thats why I think they will take over the Earth next.

What I think of Mendel so far...

I think that Gregor Mendel is quite a smart guy. He was able to study on the experiments of plants and the life of flowers. It was all his idea that created the life of plants. If it wasn't for Gregor Mendel, we wouldn't have any plant life in our world. It was all Gregor Mendel's idea that explained the process of oxygen and carbon dioxide and the air that goes through the tract of our human body and through the plants. Also, If It wasn't for Gregor Mendel, we wouldn't know how oxygen and carbon dioxide came from, and how we breathe through it. Thats what I think of how Gregor Mendel is.

My Goals for this semester

My goals for this semester is to pass all my classes with a C or better. If I complete these goals, I won't have to take summer school. Also if I pass this class with a C or better, I won't have to take it again next year and I will be ahead of the classes. I also plan to complete all my homework and project assignments and try to do the best that I can. If I follow all these guide lines, I will be ahead of all my friends next year. Also, I will need to start asking more questions if I don't get something and I will go meet with the teacher after school or after class if I have to. These are my goals for this semester.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Different types of natural selection

The different types of natural selection are animals. Many animals survive and they move on to the next generation. Others gets extinct and new animals form. Thats one type of natural selection. Different animals evolve overtime. Also another is plants, trees, and the environment. New plants died and grow into the soil while new ones just come out of nowhere. The climate changes from no oxygen to hvaing oxygen and different animals die and humans start to form. So thats what natural selection are.

Monday, April 28, 2008

If I had a gene that would give me a higher risk....

If I had a gene that would give me a higher risk for my life, I would want to know. If I knew what disease I have, I can prepare to die. Like I'll know when I might die and I'll start enjoying my life from that point on. If I didn't kow, death would take me suddenly and I wouldn't have enough time to have fun before I die. Like say good-bye to everyone and eat the best food possible and all that. You know what I mean. Also, I would die in happy because I'd already know and it was going to come on me sooner or later anyways. So thats why I would want to know.

How populations can become isolated...

Populations in the world can become isolated in mnay ways. The first reason is that because of the climate. Some people like places that are cold;others like places that are warm and sunny with beaches at the coast. Many poeple like hot, sunny places because of the beaches. Thats why there are many populations that are isolated from one another. The second reason is maybe because of race. Many poeple don't like to live in a place with too much asians or mexicans so they move to a place where more of their race is common. That is why there is population isolation.

Darwin's challenges

In the movie, Darwin's challenges were to search around the world for some evidence or history about plants back then. Darwin helped Gregor Mendel at the time when he was still alive and helped him search for many informations about the plants he wanted to study. His challenge was after Gregor Mendel died, Darwin had to search for information for plants by himself. Also he wrote an autobiographical book about his challenges so thats what his challenges was when he faced them.

Next thing that will happen on Earth....

I think the next thing that will happen on Earth is global warming. As this should be obvious, due to the hotness of the sun, Earth's crust is slowly getting thinner and thinner. Temperatures are reaching record highs like never before and as the Earth's crust gets thinner and thinner, some people will die because of hogh temperatures and seniorities can't handle it. So thats what I think will happen to the Earth in the coming year as the Earth's crust gets thinner and thinner and the Sun's temperatures get hotter and hotter like never before.