Thursday, May 15, 2008

What is dangerous in my house?

The items that are dangerous in my house are batteries, lightbulbs, bathroom cleaners and detergents and more. I have a lot of dangerous things in my house and its quite surprising because I never knew that my own house was that dangerous. I have a lot of lightbulbs, batteries, detergent, bathroom cleaners, and everything on that website. So basically my house is quite dangerous and I hope to get rid of those items soon. So those are the things that are dangerous in my own house.

How will I improve the planet?

I will start to save the planet by recycling bottle cans and and newspapers. By doing those things I can decrease pollution around me and have cleaner air. Also, I will recycle newspapers like the ones that I don't need and they'll use that to make paper. Also, I will recycle oil filters from cars and give them to car dealers so they'll use that to make new ones and we'll have cleaner airs. Also, I'll recycle plastic bags and boxes so we'll have new boxes and papers. Thats how I'll save the planet.