Thursday, February 14, 2008

Are mutations good or bad? Why?

I think mutations are good becuase its like a period of change and growth. I think mutations are good because its like when a plant becomes older and kind of matures. Like for humans, mutations like growing up. We have like four mutations in our lives. One is when you are a baby and you become a kid. Second is when you are a kid and you become into a teenager. After that, when you're done with teenagers, you'll transform again into an adult. After that, which is the last phase, you'll mutate into a senior or in other words, an old person with wrinkles and white hair. So mutations are great because if there wasn't mutations in other stuff, for humans, we would always stay a baby or a child forever. Never growing up or being old. So thats why mutations are good. It starts out with other stuff or organisms and then it comes to humans next.

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